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Temporary Exhibitions 2009 - 2016
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2009 Calligraphy John Chubb art Bridgwater Choral Society Wembdon Art Club Photographs of Carnival gangs Bridgwater Then and Now Photographs 2010 Sailing Vessel Irene [Take One Picture for Schools] Dockside Daubers Bridgwater buildings The Way we used to Vote The Bridgwater Way of Death – Graveyards and Cemeteries in Victorian times Carnival 2011 Romans in Somerset Bridgwater Castle [Take One Picture for Schools] Building stones of Bridgwater Westonzoyland Airfield Bridgwater railways 2012 Bridgwater Fair [ Take one Picture for Schools] Kings and Queens in Bridgwater from King John to Queen Elizabeth II The Franciscan Friary of Bridgwater Bridgwater and Albion Rugby Club Pirates of the Bristol Channel Dr Morgan to Haygrove – A history of the School Bridgwater Baptist Art Group 2013 Bridgwater in times past - photographs Entertainment in Bridgwater Sedgemoor Stitchers 200 years of Bridgwater Hospital Bridgwater Baptist Art Group 2014 Bridgwater in times past - photographs Dockside Daubers Sedgemoor Stitchers First World War Centenary Bridgwater Baptist Art Group Topography [From the Museum's art collection] 2015 Bridgwater in times past - photographs Printing in Bridgwater First World War Centenary – continued Sedgemoor Stitchers Local Artist’s photograpy Local Portraits [From the Museum's art collection] 2016 Blake Museum 90th Anniversary Somerset & Dorset Railway exhibition First World War Centenary, – continued Sedgemoor Stitchers Local Portraits [From the Museum's art collection] Bridgwater Baptist Art Group