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The Museum Society was formed in the early 1980s, and assisted the Voluntary Administrator, Nick Nicholson. As well as performing custodian duties, they also assisted in the cleaning and refurbishment of the cases as well as arranging displays. The Society had within its membership a 'Living History' group who would dress up in costume and perform re-enactments, not only at the Museum and Blake Gardens but also to groups outside. They also assisted the Voluntary Administrator in publicising the museum by manning stands at the Royal Bath and West Show and the like. The Society was heavily involved in the efforts from 1988 to purchase the mill so that the museum might expand. A separate Bridgwater Museum Association Trust was set up by the end of 1989 to facilitate this. The mill was partially damaged by fire in June 1995, and from that date the Trust declined. The Museum Society appears to have declined also, and in March 1999, the Society's treasurer wrote: “It has probably become apparent to you that for the last three years the Society has not functioned. There has not been an AGM for three years and there are currently no elected officers.” The remaining funds were proposed to be vested in a trust fund for the museum. The society appears to have been formally wound up then. The mill was sold to Sedgemoor District Council for £1.00 in August 2000, and the Bridgwater Museum Association Trust was de-registered by the Charity Commissioners in 2001.
The Museum Society
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