Bridgwater Museum
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Until 1953 the Museum only occupied the historic Tudor merchant’s house that had been purchased for a museum by the Town Council in 1924
Museum Galleries 1926 - 1953
Museum Galleries 1953 - 1962
In 1953 the partition separating off the garage was removed and the room extended. The Diorama of the Battle of Sedgemoor was installed in 1956.
Museum Galleries 1962  - c1995
No. 7 Blake Street - a cottage - was purchased by the Town Council in 1958, and after four years’ work was added to the Museum in 1962. A display case and a picture store was built in the Gallery. An archaeology store was built in the back room downstairs
Museum Galleries c1995 - 2009
In about 2000 Sedgemoor District Council purchased the Mill to incorporate it into the Museum. Following a fire in 1995, one wing and the wall of the upper storey were demolished
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