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Museum Development Plan 1993
Formal plans for the scheme were drawn up by Mr John Foden in 1992/3. Much of the mill (outlined in yellow) was to be demolished and a single storey gallery, (outlined in red) leading off a stair well, next to the mill, was to be built in its place in the lower garden. A separate refreshment room with toilets was to be built along the boundary wall with the Blake Garden The main entrance was through the mill, where there were to be reception and displays, a store and a workshop. Behind the stairwell were to be outdoor displays.
Upstairs in the mill were to be a general office and a workroom. The new stairs gave access to the Museum through the existing galleries. Planning permission was granted in the middle of 1993 and Listed Building Consent was sought. Enough money was available to begin the restoration of the mill wheel in January 1994, and fund-raising for the rest of the project started. Fire broke out in the mill June 1995, and the project was in abeyance.
Archaeological Investigation 1993
Series of drawings made in 1993 to accompany the archaeological investigation undertaken for the proposed redevelopment of the site. They show the location of the steam engine and boiler, with condenser pit, used in the saw-mill there during the nineteenth century.
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Perspective view of the 1993 proposals