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The first phase of the plan was to build the spiral fire-escape from the upper floor to the rear garden and a veranda in the lower garden to display brick and tile artefacts. Only the fire escape was built. The second phase, shown here, was to devise on the ground floor a circular route for visitors. The Custodians' desk in the hall was to be extended into the present Meeting Room to create a shop. The present artefact store (room 5), was to lead to an extension in the lower garden, which housed the covered display of brick and tile artefacts. The Battle of Sedgemoor Diorama was to be moved, presumably upstairs. There are no drawings of the upper floor, so, presumably, these were to be unchanged.
Phase 3 was to construct a new exhibition building in the lower garden, extending along the whole of the rear wall, with the main entrance into the Museum from Blake Gardens. It was to include a café area and shop. There had been the suggestion of the Museum having exhibition rooms in Lonsdale House adjoining, but this came to nothing. Were the Mill ever to come on the market, there were suggestions that the Museum might be extended there.
Museum Development Plan 1987
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