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The Curators of Blake Museum From 1926, Mr G. D. Cuzner, the Town's Librarian was appointed Curator. The caretaker was Mr F Wills and was given the title Museum Attendant in 1948, and promoted to Assistant Curator in 1951. The Museum was managed by an advisory committee 1956 Mr Cuzner retired and succeeded by Mr Angus Dunn, Town's Librarian After 1965  The Advisory Committee was disbanded, and the museum was run by staff augmented by a part time curatorial assistant from Somerset County Museum. 1974 Mr Dunn retired and was succeeded by Mr G. W. Hurley, his deputy, who managed the Museum until 1975 1975 Mr John St. John Earle was appointed Custodian of the Museum. 1983/4 Mr St. John Earl resigned and the Council contemplated closing the Museum. Bridgwater Museum Society offered to manage the Museum, and Mr Nick Nicholson was appointed voluntary Administrator. Mrs Mary Thyne became Honorary Collections Manager. 1988 6 January Bridgwater Museum Trust set up to purchase the old Mill, next door, and develop it as an extension to the Museum. 1994 Mary Thyne was appointed Hon Curator, and Nick Nicholson retired. Sarah Harbige was appointed Museums Officer for the SDC, overseeing all the museums in the District. 1994-2000 The Museum Society seems to have suffered a slow decline. 1995 Mill partially destroyed through arson'. 1996 The Museum receives Registration. 2000 David Sebborn was appointed Education and Outreach Officer. 2000 13 March Inaugural meeting of the Friends of Blake Museum. 2002 Sarah Harbige resigned and was succeeded by Jessica Vale. 2004 The Council proposed closing the Museum and moving the contents elsewhere in the town. Also in the spring of 2004 a 'Blake Museum Working Group was formed with the object of securing the future of the Museum. 2007 Highly successful Blake 350 celebrations were held over 6 months in the town. 2007 13 November. Sedgemoor District Council announced the Museum was to close. 2008 During this year much work was done on the basis of the previous work of the 'Blake Museum Working Group'. The result was the the Museum was gifted to the Bridgwater Town Council by the District Council, with a 4 year dowry to pay for the restoration. Dr Peter Cattermole was the Convenor of the project. 2009 The District Council agreed to hand the Museum over on 31 March. 2009 March Jessica Vale, and the paid staff, Alison Mason, Musetta Lynch and Sue Habgood all left. 2009 During this year there was no formal Curator,  and Dr Cattermole was known as the Museum Coordinator and oversaw the work of refurbishment. 2010 Dr Peter Cattermole appointed as Hon Curator, John Robins and Tony Woolrich as Hon Deputy Curators. 2011 John Robins resigned as Hon Deputy Curator. 2012 Dr Peter Cattermole resigned as Hon Curator. Tony Woolrich appointed Hon Curator and Mike Searle and Esther Checketts appointed Hon Deputy Curators.
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